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At Young Living we believe that it’s the little things that add up to big impacts. And that small steps create meaningful change, whether it’s in taking care of ourselves, our homes, or the earth. We believe that one person CAN make a difference, but that we’re stronger together. This year, to celebrate Earth Day, we’re kicking off a special Go Green in 90 Days Challenge with the goal of coming together to take small, actionable steps towards whole-life wellness and a greener home.

Over the next 90 days, we'll be introducing special weekly challenges, awards, contests and offers on featured items designed to keep you motivated and help you seek, share and inspire small steps towards big change. Throughout the challenge you’ll earn points, track your progress, and climb the leaderboard for a chance to earn an all-expenses paid trip to Young Living Beauty School in Ontario this fall. Plus, you’ll have all the bragging rights and personal confidence that comes with having a toxin-free home!


You’ll be rewarded for going green in more ways than one, but to give you that added measure of confidence to push for this goal, we are excited to offer incredible award packages for the participants who achieve the highest number of Go Green Points! Here’s what you can look forward to:


When you dig deep to Go Green and make changes within your home, your family and your community, you’ll earn big. If you achieve the highest number of Go Green Points, you’ll enjoy an incredible VIP all-expense paid trip for two (2) to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to participate in Young Living Beauty School this September, PLUS two (2) exclusive Young Living all-natural beauty packages!

Average Retail Value (AVR): $5,500 CAD


When you accumulate the second highest number of Go Green Points, you’ll earn hotel accommodations and tickets for two (2) to attend Young Living Beauty School this September, and receive two exclusive Young Living beauty packages to support your continued pursuit of the Go Green lifestyle.

Average Retail Value (AVR): $3,500 CAD


If you’re the second runner up, you’ll earn one (1) ticket to Young Living Beauty School this fall, along with an exclusive Young Living beauty package full of skin-loving, natural beauty products to support your ongoing Go Green journey.

Average Retail Value (AVR): $725 CAD


Enjoy one (1) ticket to Young Living Beauty School to continue your Go Green lifestyle and meet others passionate about whole-life wellness.

Average Retail Value (AVR): $425 CAD


You’ll earn an exclusive Young Living beauty package full of natural beauty products to support your Go Green lifestyle.

Average Retail Value (AVR): $300 CAD


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Getting Started With The Go Green In 90 Challenge

  • SIGN UP BY TAKING THE PLEDGE: In order to join the Go Green 90 Challenge and be eligible for scoring and entry on the leaderboard, you must take the Pledge by filling out the Challenge Form located at www.YLGreenin90.com.
  • LEARN HOW TO EARN: Check out the Printable Points Guide for full details on all of the ways you can earn points on featured purchases, sharing Young Living and through the weekly challenges.
  • JUMP START YOUR POINT EARNING: Enroll a new member with a premium starter kit to accelerate your points on the leaderboard or check the printable points guide for other ways to earn points and accelerate your progress.
  • PARTICIPATE IN WEEKLY CHALLENGES: Each week we’ll post a WEEKLY CHALLENGE at www.ylgreenin90.com. Challenge will be posted on Sundays 10 A.M. MST and you will have until the following Saturday at 11:59pm to participate and earn a maximum of 10 points per challenge (5 points per challenge, per platform.)
  • EARN POINTS ON FEATURED PURCHASES: Throughout the 90 day challenge we’ll also be featuring specific products and offers designed to keep you motivated and help you seek, share and inspire small steps towards big change.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: We’ll update the Leaderboard each Monday by 3 P.M. MST, certain points will not be calculated until the end of the month, or the end of the challenge but the leaderboard will act as a way to track your progress in the #YLGreenin90 Challenge.
  • PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK: At the end of 90 days, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for all the changes you’ve made and enjoy a toxin-free home, and greener lifestyle!


In order for us to view your weekly challenge posts and award points, you must ensure that your Facebook and/or Instagram profiles are set to PUBLIC VISIBILITY. You can check or change this by going to Settings and ensuring your accounts are set to Public. The reason for this is that our tracking tool requires profiles and posts to be public in order to pull it in to our reporting so we can award points.

In order for your weekly challenge posts or social update posts to be valid you must include the hashtag #YLGreenin90 AND tag or mention @YoungLivingEOCanada (on Instagram) / Young Living Canada (on Facebook).

All Go Green social posts must be compliant with both Young Living and Health Canada rules and regulations to receive Go Green Points. Learn more about sharing compliantly with our sharing tips, and be sure to review the complete promotion Rules and Regulations.

Maximize your point earning potential by downloading our Printable Points Guide.  And remember to check back every Sunday when we announce the weekly challenges and featured promotions.

Download Points Guide


Social Media Go Green Points
Purchasing & Essential Rewards Go Green Points
Total Go Green Points
Twila Napoleoni
349 pts
475 pts
824 pts
Judit Jovic
334 pts
470 pts
804 pts
Rachael Truckey
356 pts
410 pts
766 pts
Tina Sadler & Chris Annan
240 pts
405 pts
645 pts
Veronica Paul
210 pts
377 pts
587 pts
Carly Woodhouse
0 pts
540 pts
540 pts
Kiley Henderson
267 pts
230 pts
497 pts
Amy & Erik Hoogerbrugge
192 pts
290 pts
482 pts
Angela Perry
204 pts
245 pts
449 pts
Claire Renton
146 pts
235 pts
381 pts
Amanda Adams
240 pts
135 pts
375 pts
Megan Heinen
95 pts
280 pts
375 pts
Leah Riki Tait
122 pts
240 pts
362 pts
Jasmine Thompson
254 pts
95 pts
349 pts
Wendy Lewis
122 pts
200 pts
322 pts
Kristy Raymond
137 pts
180 pts
317 pts
Leslie Lukan
120 pts
190 pts
310 pts
Crystal Bolenchiuk
0 pts
305 pts
305 pts
Becky Sankowski
45 pts
240 pts
285 pts
Monica S. Chan
60 pts
225 pts
285 pts
Carla Neumann
75 pts
205 pts
280 pts
Karyn Mayuk
193 pts
80 pts
273 pts

Not on the top 20 leaderboard? Check out the complete Go Green Points Rankings to see your Go Green Points totals, and keep taking those small meaningful steps toward a greener lifestyle.

*This leaderboard is an un-vetted, un-audited static list of Go Green Points and is meant only to give members an idea of possible attainment of reward under this promotion. In the event of a discrepancy between the rules used to develop this leaderboard and the Official Rule, the Official Rules will govern.

Leaderboard was last updated July 21, 2017.

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